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Sunday, August 06, 2006

Fall 2006 Collection Released

Great news! Our new website is now fully online. After many hours of work, including what seemed like endless photographing, you can now view our entire Fall 2006 collection here at jacraghead.com.

We are offering our Fall 2006 collection of Handknits and Textiles, as well as a new, regular line of Sundries on our products page. New this season to the Textiles collection are double point / crochet hook needle cases which feature handknit backings to match their fabric interiors. These are items number 90, 91, 92 & 93.

Also new this season is a line of quilts we are calling the East Belmont Series. These are named after the street where Paul & Anna's Cottage Bakery was located in Portland.

Speaking of bakeries, we have added new Apfelkissen (applecushion) & Pflaumenkissen (plumcushion) pincushions along with Spritz (cookie) buttons to our Sundries. Unlike our Handknits and Textiles lines, Sundries will not be limited or numbered, but they will be made with the same quality designer materials and the same attention to hand craftsmanship as the rest of our goods.

So please, take some time to browse around, and enjoy our site!

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