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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Mail, Scissors, Fabric!

Rock, scissors, paper is a game often used as a selection method in a way similar to coin flipping, drawing straws, or throwing dice. The mail brought me new scissors and a great selection of fabrics to use them on.


The Japanese scissors are Misuzugawa Hasami Tailor Shears from Hida Tool & Hardware Company. They are a wonderful source for woodworking, gardening and kitchen tools made in Japan.

The Japanese fabrics include new designs by Keiko Goke. I found the red "Bubbles in the Sky" at Glorious Color. The red "Old Roses" and black "Three Squares" at superbuzzy.
Now which one to cut first?

To see more of these, visit my Flickr page or subscribe to my Flickr photo feed. Or, visit my Etsy page or my eBay store.

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